Irish History

Irish History presented by our Dooley Division Historian

The reports below are presentations given at our monthly meetings by our Division Historian. The reports contain information regarding Irish history and acts of heroism by famous Irishmen. Feel free to browse through the informative reports and leave a comment at the bottom of the page.
2018AprilBrian HegartyThomas Davis
2018MarchBrian HegartyThe Leprechaun
2018FebruaryBrian HegartyKnow Nothing Party and AOH
2018JanuaryBrian HegartyMajor General Richard Montgomery
2017NovemberBrian HegartyAnn Glover
2017MarchMike CanningU. S. Presidents of Irish descent - Slideshow

U. S. Presidents of Irish descent - Notes
2017JanuaryBrian HegartyThe Tale of the Sullivan(s)
2016NovemberBrian HegartyWhy Did the Irish Fight April 1916
2016OctoberBrian HegartySixteen Dead Men
2016SeptemberBrian HegartyJohn MacBride
2016JuneBrian HegartyJohn Edward Daly
2016MayBrian HegartyDiarmuid Lynch
2016AprilBrian HegartyIrish Proclamation
2016MarchBrian HegartyIrish History Quiz
2016FebruaryBrian HegartyThomas Kent
2016JanuaryBrian HegartyPenal Laws
2015NovemberBrian HegartyMichael Collins Part 2
2015OctoberBrian HegartyMichael Collins Part 1
2015SeptemberBrian HegartyTwo Fathers of American Navy
2014AprilBrian HegartyThe Great Blasket Island

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  1. The story of the Sullivan brothers is a great example of Irish-American patriotism and the sacrifices made not only by the 5 Sullivan brothers, but also the sacrifice of the Sullivan family.

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